1/25/2013 09:41:00 AM

No Love for Two Chicago Chefs on The Taste

Did you miss it? It happened fairly quickly on the series premier of The Taste. Chef Brian Jupiter (Frontier, Lottie’s Pub and The Pony) made a brief appearance on the new reality show that equalizes home cooks and professional chefs. Judges Anthony Bordain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre and Brian Malarkey evaluate their food through a single blind taste.

Jupiter appeared at the end of the first half of the two-hour premier on Tuesday evening. He prepared a coffee and ancho chili-crusted duck breast. “I don’t think home cooks have a chance to compete against me,” Jupiter said during his audition. “It’s just a different ballgame.”

Maybe he should have served some antelope testicles, or one of the other unconventioanl meats he prepares regularly at Frontier, instead? Jupiter was not selected by any of the judges to move onto the next round of the competition, which boasts a $100,000 prize. Sorry, chef, but we still think your serve some of the best game meat in town.

During the second half of the premier, another Chicago chef was put on the chopping block. For his ability to mill flour, make pizza and plate dishes, the self-proclaimed "Captain America of Nellcote," sous chef Sieger Bayer, served a watermelon and tuna crudo.

“I hope he’s not a professional,” Ludo said after consuming the single bite plated on a white ceramic spoon. Yikes! Bordain agreed, but, surprisingly, was less harsh on the young chef.

"A little too precious,” Bourdain said. “You were too restrained with your flavors.” Bayer too was sent home after all four judges rejected his dish. He retuned to mill more flour the basement of Nellcote with his tail between his leg and his wallet no heavier. Before receiving his marching orders, he said he wanted to use the prize money to open his own restaurant. Keep dreaming, chef.

Watch the survivors compete every Tuesday at 7 PM on ABC.


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