1/28/2013 04:41:00 PM

New York's 12 Best Italian Restaurants

New York City diners love their Italian cuisine, but is it best to go to a tiny hole-in-the-wall and enjoy inexpensive plates of pasta, or throw down hundreds of dollars for a fixed-price menu from a celebrity chef? The list of the Big Apple's best Italian restaurants from our 2013 guide contains both options, but a big name did land in the top-rated spot. Click through the slide show to see which eateries beat out the countless other red-sauce slingers in town, and let us know which joints you think deserved to be on the list but didn't make the cut.


  1. Great list of best Italian restaurants! I haven't been with some of those restaurants yet except Trattoria L'incontro and Scalini Fedeli. My two visit there, I must say it was really a great experience. I added some other places that I haven't been yet to my great list of restaurants. Great share!

  2. Useful list. I would Add Il Corso in midtown to this list.

  3. Peperoncino in Brooklyn definately deserves a mention!

  4. Great Italian food need not be expensive, as indicated in several of the "best" restaurants listed. Any of the Italian restaurants on Arthur Avenue in the Bronx deserve the "best" accolade that Zagat wishes to celebrate. My wife and I drive in regularly from Connecticut to do some food shopping and to enjoy a wonderful meal and a bottle of Chianti, all without "breaking the bank" in order to do so. Our favorite place is Emelia's....the Papardella with wild boar is not to be missed!

    1. I agree. This list over emphasized the yuppy-ish, trendy, business suit, celebrity- sighting type places. I'm with you- There are still lesser known gems in the old Italian neighborhoods like Arthur Ave in the Bronx and parts of Queens and Brooklyn.
      It's not about the money, I'm quite wealthy and I can afford to eat wherever I care to. It's just I don't deal well with the pretentiousness of many five-star type restaurants, but perhaps more importantly, I think the Italian food in the less fancy, well known establishments, can hold it's own with the fancier, yuppy, business-class places.

  5. Really a useful list of restaurants. Great Job!
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  6. Great list of restaurants! Marea is my all time favorite for a special occasion. There's so many great little off the radar gems in the east village too. My boyfriend is italian and our go to spots are Cacio e Vino and Cacio e Pepe. Both have wonderful authentic food and a home like feel that we both love.

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  9. ive been to all of these..il mulino my fav..this list sounds about right