1/31/2013 01:33:00 PM

More Doughnuts: Firecakes Opens in River North

Coconut cream and lemon meringue doughnuts
This is why we are fat. Just kidding, we blame the fried chicken trend. But it sickens and delights us to announce the opening of yet another specialty doughnut shop in Chicago. This one is from Jonathan Fox of La Madia. Firecakes opened today on Hubbard Street, breaking up the row of bars and nightclubs.

Like its nearby competitors, Firecakes opens at 8 AM and remains open until they run out of doughnuts. It also follows the simple door-and-counter layout - walk through the door, drool over the glass counter protecting the doughnuts, choose one (or a dozen) and walk out the door. The small interior is decorated with cream tiles and a frosted glass window, separating the standing-room-only space from the kitchen.

Who needs art when there is a glowing display case filled with gourmet treats? The more extravagant flavors include lemon verbena meringue with a toasted meringue topping, coconut cream and triple Valrhona chocolate cake. Traditional offerings such as the buttermilk old fashioned are perfect for dipping into La Colombe coffee.

68 W. Hubbard St.; 312-239-6500