1/23/2013 05:29:00 PM

Michael's Revamps Its Menu in Midtown

Korean fried chicken wings
As if on cue given the premiere of Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain's new show yesterday, when asked why chef/owner Michael McCarty decided to alter the menu for the first time since his eponymous restaurant opened, last night the boisterous toque declared it was because "No one eats anymore. They taste."

As a result, the 24-year-old Midtown institution has received a casual makeover comparable to the one that debuted at the Santa Monica location three months ago. While the decor remains the same and a few staples remain (Cobb salad and burger lovers, no need to fret), the menu has been revamped to accomodate a wider audience.

More of a global influence has been added to the dishes (think vegetable japchae, Korean fried chicken wings); an oven was installed to make pizza; and a section has been devoted to small plates. Given that McCarty has been in the industry for years (the CA original debuted in 1979), the chef said he has seen the small plates trend attempted on four separate occasions, but waited until now to incorporate the format because at this point "everybody eats this way," as fewer people want to dine out for hours during a multicourse meal. We know at least one person agrees.

Prices have been lowered to reflect the more laid back set up, but don't be fooled - it's still expensive. We don't think regulars will have issue with it (and considering its locale, it's not unreasonable), but while the meal might move faster, it still comes at a cost.

24 W. 55th St.; 212-767-0555


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