1/17/2013 10:53:00 AM

Marquee Unveils Complete Remodel On Ten-Year Anniversary

Has it really been 10 years since Marquee first debuted in West Chelsea? The venue is celebrating its anniversary by unveiling a complete new look. Many revelers claim that this spot popularized the bottle-service model that has become so prevalent in nightlife these days. While that's not going away anytime soon, the revamped Marquee promises tweaks that will make the club more accessible. "We are not moving away from the bottle service model, the club has the same amount of tables as it always did," says owner Noah Tepperberg. "We just increased the size of the dance floor and re-designed the space to be one room with one sound system where everyone faces a stage as opposed to three different rooms with three types of music each night."

In keeping with current design trends, the new build-out includes many decor elements made with recycled and repurposed materials. The joint purposely incorporated elements of grit - walls are covered in dyed burlap and hand rails are made with welded rebar. There's also Brooklyn-themed wallpaper that was custom designed by none-other than Mike D from the Beastie Boys and a stack of 2,000 vintage books that were made to look like an equalizer.

The biggest change here is probably the stage, which creates the opportunity for live music. The nightlife world has changed greatly since its opening back in 2003, and Tepperberg points to such options as necessary to keeping the crowds entertained and staying competitive. "There are now 'specialized' venues for every type of crowd, music genre, time slot, etc. and the customers now have the ability to get more for their money," he said. "The chance of success in today’s marketplace has thus become harder as it’s harder to differentiate nightlife products."

Ten years is an epic amount of time in the world of NYC clubs, many of which fizzle out after a few years. Club-goers will surely line up outside the doors to check out the revamp, and time will tell if the party will rage for another decade. The new digs are open at 289 10th Avenue.

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