1/24/2013 07:23:00 AM

Mackerel Removed from Marine Conservation Society's "Fish to Eat" Guide

Once considered an inexpensive, tasty fish, mackerel has now been taken off the Marine Conservation Society's (MSC) Fish to Eat guide due to overfishing, joining North Sea turbot and some sea bass on the caution list of species people should buy only occasionally.

The MCS's fisheries officer Bernadette Clarke has said mackerel have moved into Icelandic and Faroese waters, which has meant that both countries have started to catch more than had been agreed. But London chefs and restaurants who serve line-caught makerel from areas outside the north east Atlantic are being encouraged to keep the fish on their menus.

Stephane Delourme, head chef at The Seafood Restaurant in Padstow told Big Hospitality, "We will carry on supporting the local fishermen as there are no problems with over-fishing of mackerel in Cornwall. The problem is with these big trawlers in the north east Atlantic so i think the MCS should advise by region, not species of fish."

Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images


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