1/22/2013 02:59:00 PM

Lincoln Avenue Guide: 8 Spots for a Perfect Night

The bar crawl - a simple concept involving a lot of alcohol in a short distance. Let’s improve this by adding some food to the schedule. A while back we guided you through the perfect evening on Randolph Street. This time we travel north to Lincoln Avenue, a strip recently saturated with fresh cuisine and quality beers, as well as a cocktail or two. Strollers used to control this stretch, but now you're equally likely to see lines for seats at new hot spots. Check out the slide show below to scope for spots for a perfect crawl, along with four more backups in case you want to keep the night raging.


  1. Wow, these places sound great! Luckily there is the handy, dandy #11 Lincoln bus to get you between all of them.......oh, wait :-/

  2. Cop out Zagat! 4 LS tips and then go to Lincoln Park?!? You couldn't find a 5th spot? Spacca Napoli? Cara Mio? Weak effort for such a dynamic and growing food area.