1/18/2013 01:28:00 PM

Junior MasterChef America Coming Soon?

Kid chefs - is that like a thing right now? Apparently, MasterChef is casting for a new spin-off series featuring talented young chefs between the ages of 8 and 13 for Junior MasterChef America. MasterChef casting and food judge Lucy Lean put the notice up on her blog yesterday. Think you or your kids have got what it takes? Check out part of her post below. PS, apparently this show already exists in Australia - scope it out here. [via Eater]
Calling all chefs of the future – kids who can cook and are between the ages of 8 and 13 years old. Yes you read that correctly – I am looking for children who must be over 8 and not turn 14 before April 26th, 2013, who have a passion for cooking and think they are good enough to be America's first-ever Junior MasterChef. [Leave a comment below saying you are interested, DON'T leave the name of the child or any contact details in the actual comment and I will contact you directly via email.]

Let's just say we aren't looking for the kid who makes the best peanut butter and jelly sandwich. We want kids who can whip up more than a batch of cookies from a log of store bought cookie dough. They will have knife skills and be really comfortable in the kitchen, they will sail through a mystery box challenge without breaking a sweat, will understand how to season and won't be intimidated when quizzed them on the doneness of their soft boiled egg or the sear on their scallops.

If you think your child or someone you know has what it takes to try out for the show please contact me asap by leaving a comment below that you are interested and I will then reply to you directly via email (NB. Don't enter your email address or your child's name in the public comment for everyone to read!).

I will do everything I can to help you get your little one a step closer to that title of America's first Junior Masterchef.

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  1. Hi there Kelly, please email me at vickie@onestinetwork.com as soon as possible to discuss. I have a 13 and an 11 year old boy and they may be just what you're looking for! They reguarly have "chopped-type" competitions in our house and it's absolutely hilarious! They have been cooking in some way since they were little, are very comfortable and adventurous in the kitchen, are comical, witty, entertaining and very comfortable in front of a camera. Really looking forward to chatting more about this with you. Thanks, Vickie