1/24/2013 12:50:00 PM

Juice Press Expanding With Three More Locations in February

Earlier this week, we took a look a The Butcher's Daughter and Creative Juice, two new venues that are on the cutting edge of the juice craze. Well, these newcomers need to make room for a few more, because we just found out that Juice Press is planning to expand its outposts come February. The chain has five locations in NYC, and three more will open by the end of next month. When that happens, residents of SoHo (156 Prince St.), the Lower East Side (201 East 10th St.) and Williamsburg (144 North 8th St.) will be able to enjoy menus of raw foods, smoothies and juices a bit closer to home. Will these juicers start to put the squeeze on each other's market share? With the public's current thirst, that's about as likely as nixing the juice-related puns from this blog post.


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