1/22/2013 01:13:00 PM

Jason Bond Discusses Bondir No. 2 in Concord

Jason Bond in Bondir in Cambridge
With a promising investor dinner planned for tonight, Jason Bond, chef-owner of Bondir in Cambridge, is confident he’ll have what it takes (financially and otherwise) to open a second restaurant in Concord this summer.

“I think it’s going to work out,” said Bond in a conversation with Zagat. “That’s always good news.”

The second restaurant, likely to be called Bondir as well, will be at 24 Walnut St., the former location of the Walden Grille. The 2,800-sq. ft. space means a larger kitchen than the 26 seat Cambridge original, which also means more equipment and a variety of cooking methods to broaden the menu. For example, Bond said a wood stove in the new place will change the way they bake bread and braise meats. The cuisine - New American with a strong draw from locally sourced ingredients - will be the same. Unlike the original, this location will have a full liquor license.

Along with the expansion, Bond is setting up a “farm program” with one-quarter acre in Dracut to start, where he and his staff will grow some produce to replace what he buys - not as a cost-saving move, but for control.

As for the look, “we’re kind of in the middle of that right now,” said Bond. “It’ll be comfortable the way Cambridge is - but not a direct interpretation.”  It's being worked on by restaurant interior designer Peter Niemitz, and so far the plan is to have upwards of 128 seats with 60 or so in the various dining rooms, 30 at the bar and 20 on a terrace/patio space in the back.

Bond is aiming to open the second Bondir in August 2013.


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