1/28/2013 01:35:00 PM

Italian Week Scandals: Does Batali Have A Health Inspector Alarm?

Neck sausage = probably a violation
News flash: restaurants quickly clean up when a health inspector arrives. This week, the NY Post reported that Mario Batali's restaurants are installing alarm systems to notify the kitchen staff once an inspector is in the house. The article alleges that the hostess presses a button when the DOH shows up and then an alarm goes off in the kitchen, notifying staff that they should start throwing food away. Batali partner Joe Bastianich denies the existence of these buttons, but a source from the restaurant says that they exist and are a result of the unfair inspection system, which levies excessive and arbitrary fines.

Not sure why this would work any better than a staff member running back to the kitchen and shouting "health inspection!" which is the de facto system in pretty much ever other Big Apple eatery. Read the full report here. As for the news that restaurants try to get it together in the few minutes after an inspector enters but before the inspection starts - um, duh.


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