1/03/2013 01:49:00 PM

Is Brixton Market Forcing Traders Out With Soaring Rents?

Last year Brixton Village Market was the hottest foodie destination in town thanks to top quality, affordable restaurants like Honest Burgers, Wishbone, KaoSarn and Mama Lan serving a delightful selection of global flavours.

Sadly, this year, it may all come to an end as market managers have raised rents by up to 25 percent without warning. They insist the rise is necessary to cover extended opening hours, but locals like Rosie Lovell of Rosie's Deli Cafe fear they are trying to attract big chains. She told the Evening Standard, 'You can’t control gentrification, it’s like a floodgate situation. If they can get a Starbucks in here they will. They don’t care about the atmosphere of the market.'

If you haven't eaten in Brixton Village Market yet, make sure you get there before Pret a Manger does.


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