1/15/2013 04:40:00 PM

Innovations in Nightlife: Behold the Light-Up Check Presenter

When we opened up our check presenter during a visit to just-opened NYC hot-spot club Finale, it was positively glowing. And that's not because we spent buckets of gold while checking out the dimly lit space (which we're sure you can do if you have the sparkler-toting bottle service girls come over to your table too much). The cool blue glow was from an illuminated screen within the check presenter, which made it very easy to sign the credit card receipt even in the dark bowels of this basement club (sure, those LED light displays on the wall are pretty swank, but they don't exactly light the way at signing time).

We think this is an innovation that should be expanded to other venues - it would let diners save face when they have to use the flashlight app on the phone to see how much they owe. The downside? Well, you have to see how much you owe - yikes!


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