1/17/2013 09:53:00 AM

IHOP Pop-Up Serving Griddle Cakes in Times Square Tomorrow

Times Square is known for its hot dog and pretzel carts. Pancakes, though - not so much. Tomorrow, IHOP will host a pop-up shop in Times Square to showcase some new products (if you want to have the old-school pancakes, you'll have to hit one of the new locations that have sprouted up around Manhattan).

The chain will launch a new product dubbed "griddle melts" on February 11, and the open-air pop up will offer a preview. They are made-to-order sandwiches on sourdough bread that are stuffed with omelets (options include spinach and roasted pepper, Western, and Man and Egg melt). Sounds like kind of a mega egg sandwich.

If you want to try them, you can drop by 44th and Broadway to hit their booth and try the new item. And if you do, be sure to let us know what you think!

Photo: Thomas Hawk via Flickr 

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