1/25/2013 01:04:00 PM

Restaurant Debates: If You Forget Your Wallet, Should You Be Put In Jail?

If you're a manager at NYC's Smith and Wollensky, the answer to that question is a firm yes. The Daily News is reporting that an Italian Tourist was thrown in the slammer the other night for racking up a $200 dinner charge, even though he promised that he could pony up the cash if he could just run home and get his wallet. Sure, "I left my wallet at home" is a likely story, but the diner said that a busboy could come back to his apartment with him to get the cash, and he even said that he'd leave his smartphone as collateral. Despite his pleas, the management were having none of it. They called the NYPD who promptly arrived and arrested the dude, making him spend the night in jail.

Harsh, yes, but we all forget things now and then. The cops refused to take him back to his place, saying that they "weren't a taxi service," but the judge dismissed the charges next day. What do you think - should the owner have given him a chance to pay before alerting the fuzz, or is a night in jail a fair punishment for showing up sans cash? [via Grub Street]


  1. Despite his please? LOL! That's some fine journalism.

  2. Never going to this cockroach infested place ever again.

  3. It's funny how this isn't even accurate. They don't bother mentioning the fact that the man did in fact have a wallet on him with $118 and the truth is he just didn't want to pay.

  4. Well, what you didn't bother to mention is that he offered to leave his iPhone as collateral and got get his wallet TO COVER THE DIFFERENCE. He told the restaurant that he had $118 in cash but needed to get more from the hotel. Remember, judge dismissed the case the next morning?

    1. You're the Italian guy aren't you?