Hot Dog Nacho Fries at American Sardine Bar

Photo, concept and execution by Scott Schroeder
We just led you through an epic tour of Philadelphia’s poutine offerings, but if you love fries, you’ll also want to check out this new special at American Sardine Bar. From the twisted and brilliant mind of chef Scott Schroeder comes Hot Dog Nacho Fries. A stack of crispy potatoes is buried under refried beans and verde and guajillo salsas, scattered with chunks of hot dogs, queso fresco crumbles, lettuce, onions and cilantro, and then topped off with a fried egg.

According to a staff member who just had a chance to taste the creation, the dish is as amazing as it sounds (and looks). And the chef is pretty happy about it, too. “It says 'hot dog nacho fries' on the menu at American Sardine Bar. I think I've accomplished all I needed to accomplish now.” he said on Twitter. Specials like this usually only stick around for a week, so get down to the Point Breeze pub and dig in soon ($12; 215-334-2337).

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