1/14/2013 04:27:00 PM

Historic Restaurant Guide: Travel Through Time With These 10 U.S. Eateries

White Horse Tavern in Newport, RI
Want to sip cocktails where Marilyn Monroe or mobsters dined? Or would you like to eat mutton chops, mesquite-grilled fish and oysters Rockefeller the way these classic dishes have been prepared for more than a hundred years? Check out the story behind America's first restaurant and the home of the world's largest collection of clay churchwarden pipes in our slide show of historic eateries below.


  1. Great list of historic restaurant! I will share this with my friends so we can plan on our next travel.

  2. The Berghoff is one of the most overrated restaurants in the city. They've been coasting on their reputation for decades.

  3. It is important, to recognize, the each and every place to dine is unique. Certain qualities excel with one over the other, however we must not be so quick as to let big game developers buy out historical and community integrated places. Its true, famous persons frequent certain places, and others never get that same recognition. Its twice as important that certain celebrities dine more often than cook at home, so for once small to average sized city, one might gets its easy for a place to become frequented over a period of years. Furthermore a celebrity is nothing more than people like ourselves. Please always recognize that once a restaurant is gone, its gone. So cherish our past, not demolish it. I've seen it already where now we are seeing brand new owners only becoming a stigma of the old place, and new issues, often unfortunate arises.