1/11/2013 06:45:00 PM

Henry's Tacos Closing for Good This Weekend

Well, it seems Henry's Tacos owner Jannis Hood has tired of the game. She's throwing in the woel after service on January 12. According to the Digest blog, Hood was unable to find a resolution with the landlord, even though one of her longtime employees was ready to take over the business. She says that they'll continue to find a new home for the stand, and we hope that means the amazing sign goes with her.

Get your last taste of crispy tacos on Saturday from 9 AM-9 PM, or until goods run out. And there's a good chance that might happen - there have been celeb-backed rallies and crazy long waits since the news broke about Henry's fate.

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  1. Sad this place is now gone. Even sadder is it didn't have to happen. Everyone can site the greed of the landlord but the bottom line is that the owner of Henry's (who inherited the business from the founder) is bat poop crazy just destroyed it herself.