1/29/2013 04:22:00 PM

Han Dynasty Plans NYC Expansion

With six locations in or around Philadelphia, Han Dynasty owner Han Chiang has decided to give Pennsylvania a rest and look elsewhere for his next outpost - New York. After hearing rumors that he was eyeing a spot in the city, we ran into him last night and confirmed that he has indeed been searching for spaces. While he hasn't settled on anything yet, so far top neighborhood contenders include the East Village and possibly Williamsburg.

The restaurant, which has earned a spot on our Best Chinese list, focuses on "tongue-numbing" Sichuan fare. You like really spicy food? In addition to what's on the moderately priced menu (think rabbit with peanuts in chile oil, or dry pot lamb with Sichuan peppercorns), if you ask nicely, Chiang will give you a ghost pepper if you want to prove yourself. We're not joking, we've seen it - and the tears that commence afterward - happen. As far as Philly, the outspoken chef-owner says that he's done expanding there, but if he were to open another restaurant in the city, it would be a different concept. Stay tuned.


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