1/07/2013 04:42:00 PM

Frankford Hall Introduces Boozy Espresso Shake

Over the weekend we stopped by Frankford Hall to gather some intel (read: eat a ton of food) for a featured post this week, but this new shake on the menu almost stole the show. A seasonal addition to the menu, the Espresso Shake sees the coffee shot blended with vanilla ice cream, Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Chocolate syrup is drizzled down the sides, and everything is topped with housemade whipped cream and espresso shavings.

We already admitted there’s a special place in our heart for boozy coffee, and this new offering from the Stephen Starr beer garden rates with the best of them. Managers weren’t sure how long this shake would be around, so we recommend heading out to Fishtown to try it sooner rather than later (215-634-3338).


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