1/24/2013 05:41:00 AM

Flexitarian is the New Vegetarian

If like us you love the idea of being a vegetarian (healthy, cheaper, the whole animals rights thing) but can't resist sinking your teeth into a burger every now and again - you can start calling yourself a flexitarian.

The Telegraph has reported on a recent study, commissioned by Linda McCartney Foods (the meat-free company founded by Sir Paul’s late wife), which says we’re about to see a surge in flexitarianism - defined as vegetarians who sometimes eat meat.

Naturally this is already a big trend in America where an estimated 30-40 percent of the country is thought to be a vegivore. By 2015, The Food People (the company that carried out the research) predict, there will be a “notable increase in flexitarian – or demi-vegetarian – eating” in Britain.

Good news for everyone.


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