1/24/2013 09:58:00 AM

First Meal: Pierre Calmels of Bibou

How much of a dining destination is Philadelphia? We’re asking top area food folk where they’d take a visitor for their first meal in Philly. First up, chef Pierre Calmels of Bella Vista’s top-rated Bibou.

Zagat: You have a friend visiting from France who's never been to Philadelphia before. Where do you take them for their first meal in Philly, and what do you suggest they try there?

Pierre Calmels: It’s hard for me to pick specific dishes, because when my wife Charlotte and I go out, we never order the same thing twice! But here’s where I’d take them: first thing, to Fond for a true BYO experience. Then to Amis, for well-prepared pasta and housemade charcuterie. Next to Zama, for the Bibou roll [with escargot, edamame and tempura haricot verts] and the To-Philly roll. And last, to Lacroix for amazing brunch.

Do you agree with chef Calmels' picks? Let him know your suggestions in the comments.


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