1/23/2013 02:15:00 PM

First Look: Sushi Dokku Gives Seafood A Second Try on Randolph Street

Like catching fish in a barrel, except the fish have already been caught and filleted and artfully plated. We’re talking about the seafood selection at Sushi Dokku, the newest addition to the West Loop from the team behind recently shuttered Sushi Wabi. Currently, they are only open for dinner, but plan on expanding to lunch service and delivery by spring.

Food: With an emphasis on fresh seafood, the menu is divided into nigiri, sashimi and makimono. There is also a special section of the menu called “Chef’s nigiri bites,” which are two pieces of sushi with rice that include combinations such as white escolar tuna, yuzu and Sichuan peppercorns or salmon roe topped with a quail egg. They also serve small plates of gyoza, filet mignon, tempura and other hot or cold bites.

Drink: Who is tired of hearing about the selection of craft beer on tap? Well, this beer list is for those craving something a bit more exotic. Three Japanese beers are served by the bottle - the Sapporo Reserve lager, Kirin Ichiban malt and Asahi Z-Dry lager. In addition to beer, there is a range of hot and cold sake as well as red and white wine. The non-alcoholic yet still imported options include Ramune, a lemon-lime or strawberry soda, and Dydo chilled coffee.

Décor: The corner space is one block away from the former Sushi Wabi location as well as across the street from both Little Goat and Nellcote. It takes advantage of the view with large windows and minimal décor. Dark wood tables and booths sit adjacent to the open kitchen. There is also a bar in the front corner and additional seating at the kitchen counter.

Details: 823 W. Randolph St.; 312-455-8238


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