1/22/2013 05:18:00 AM

First Look: Salt Yard Cookbook

It seems every time you turn round, one of London's hottest restaurants has released a new cookbook - offerings from Polpo, Ottolenghi, St John, Pizarro and Bocca Di Lupo are already jostling for space in our kitchen. But prepare to shuffle them along the shelf because this latest, from Salt Yard, is another must-have.

For a start it's a thing of aesthetic beauty with an embossed hard cover and silver-edged pages. And what's inside is just as tasty - alongside the recipes which we'll get to in a minute, you'll find tips on buying the best ingredients, a listing of great suppliers mini essays on wine, what it's really like to work in a bustling restaurant and gorgeous illustrations too.

As for the recipes - don't panic, the favourites are here - from the mini Iberico burgers, to the stuffed courgette flowers, the crispy pigs ears and the confit of pork belly with cannellini beans, plus many more besides, all accompanied by glossy mouth-watering photos. Definitely a book worth making space for.

Salt Yard: Food & Wine from Spain & Italy, £30, 


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