1/25/2013 10:59:00 AM

First Look: Lift Mixology Bar, Gearing Up For Debut Inside EVR

News flash: the massive new lounge in Midtown dubbed EVR is actually pronounced "ever." Most interesting. The sprawling nightlife complex is launching a new (and easier to pronounce) cocktail den dubbed Lift on its second floor in early February with libations by Orson Salicetti. The stand-alone lounge will feature drinks with fresh and seasonal fruits - some will be low calorie and others will be made with high proof alcohols (nice for a nightcap). There also may be a molecular cocktail or two in the mix - the bartender cut his chops at Apotheke. A menu of American cuisine will be served - you can get more details on the nightlife concept here and stay tuned for details of Salicetti's list (54 W 39th St.).

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  1. Love Orson's cocktails I will enjoy be there!!