1/12/2013 01:55:00 PM

Ethnic Eats: Ajiaco at Colombia in Park Slope

Ajiaco, a Colombian soup particular to Bogota and its surrounding mountains, is one of the more elusive dishes to find outside its homeland. Giving definition to a “rib-sticking” soup, its emphasis on papas criollas (tiny, buttery, delicious potatoes whose starch acts as the most glorious of thickeners) along with the plethora of shredded chicken and whole chunks of corn on the cob, make it perhaps one of the most satisfying - and addictive - soups for when cold weather is here.

So with a bitter January upon us, we decided to see if we could scope a place for a decent bowl. Since many of the ingredients aren’t native to the U.S., including the aforementioned potatoes and guascas, an herb integral to the broth, it’s not going to taste quite the same as it were if you were sitting in a restaurant in Colombia. But, thankfully enough, Colombia in Park Slope was able to satisfy our cravings with their version, which contains all the creamy goodness we expect alongside traditional accompaniments like capers, avocado, and rice. The toppings are key; they let you customize your dish to your own tastes and make each bite taste different than the last. You should even ask for some crema to drizzle on top to really make a home run.


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