1/16/2013 10:56:00 AM

Ela and Fork Launch New Cocktail Menus

Jason Cichonski is a huge fan of the band Brand New, but you don’t have to like rock ‘n’ roll to appreciate the new drink list at Ela. You don’t even have to like rocks - each of the eight cocktails named after the band’s songs are available either up, on the rocks or “dirty.”

The same ingredient whispering the chef uses to create dishes like noodles made from scallops is applied in liquid form, leading to combinations like the Sudden Death in Carolina, which sees Earl-Grey-infused vodka swirled with sage, orange, cranberry bitters and brown sugar. The most-intiguing offering is a beer cocktail called Sowing Season, which includes Founders Breakfast Stout, Scotch and a maraschino almond liqueur. Each drink goes for $11. Is it five o’clock yet?

When it is time for after-work relaxation, head to Fork in Old City to sample all-new winter cocktails along with a just-introduced menu of bar bites from chef Eli Kulp. The snacks range in price from $3-$11 and include crispy chicken nuggets (sorry, McDonald’s, we prefer these), smoked trout caviar with bagel chips and a huge surf clam with radishes and pickled apple.

To go with the food, bar manager Guy Smith designed a list of drinks that fall into three categories: Bubbly, Citrus-Based and Spirituous. Aperol with sparkling wine and orange bitters is a standout example of the first; bourbon and Fernet Branca meet with mint and grapefruit in the second; and the last brings powerful sips like Scotch with Drambuie, Campari and burnt orange ($11-$13).


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