1/08/2013 04:55:00 PM

El Toro Blanco Gets One Star From NY Times

For his review this week, NY Times critic Pete Wells went South of the Border, and South of 14th street, to review Josh Capon's new joint El Toro Blanco. According to Wells, this trendy haunt shows that Mexican is the cool cuisine du jour. From the review:

"The look of El Toro Blanco is the latest sign that in New York City, Mexican cuisine is cool, of the moment and ready to be presented without quotation marks — quaint ethnic folk crafts on the earnest side or, on the sloshy side, shot-glass bandoleers and blueberry margaritas...Admittedly, El Toro Blanco’s interior makes the point more forcefully than its menu."

He goes on to chronicle the joys of the appetizers and small plates and seems to think the entrees are so so, awarding the joint a one-star rating. Read the full review here.


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