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Eat This, Do This, Read This: Philly Weekend Planner, January 18-20

If you’re a Philly sports fan, things are finally looking up this weekend, as the Flyers get back into action and Chip Kelly starts the process of turning around the Eagles. If sportsball isn’t your cup of tea, spend the weekend preparing for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and President Barack Obama’s inauguration. Either way, you’ll want to get in on these choice eats, happenings and reads.

Eat This

Duck Confit Croque Madame at Russet
Chef Andrew Wood found a way to make one of the most decadent sandwiches even richer. The croque madame at his Spruce Street BYO is built around duck confit, the tender game placed between grilled housemade brioche melting with aged cheddar, dijon mustard and sauce mornay. A signature sunny-side-up egg is the finishing touch. As is his custom, the leg bone is left in, but this $16 dish, served with a side salad, is worth a bit of wrangling. Who needs pristine hands when there’s brunch to be eaten? (215-546-1521)

Peel and Eat Shrimp at Time
Get your fingers dirty all over again at this Midtown Village whiskey lounge, where chef Sean Magee has just introduced this new seafood show-stopper. Half a dozen large shrimp (shells on) are swimming in a spicy bay-leaf-butter hot sauce, surrounded by bits of red peppers and infused with cayenne pepper. Garlic toast is served on the side to sop up every bit of the broth for a satisfying (if slightly messy) meal ($11; 215-985-4800).

Do This

Dance at the Ten Six Club
It’s the first weekend of operation for this new bar and dance club from the owners of Loco Pez and Alfa. Located above Alfa where the Walnut Room used to be, the space has been revamped with a mod British rock theme with tufted walls and Chesterfield sofas. Open 8 PM-2 AM, Tuesday-Saturday, the venue has a full bar and will offer fresh juice infusions and a special housemade punch (215-751-0201).

Shiprock Pop-Up at 12 Steps Down
We mentioned it a few weeks back, but we’re thrilled that the Navajo taco event is finally here. On Monday (technically still part of the weekend, thanks to the holiday), Lucio Palazzo of La Calaca Feliz will team with Side Project Jerky’s Marcos Espinoza at the Italian Market dive bar to host a frybread pop-up dinner. Toppings for the snack - which is extremely popular in the Southwest - include chicken ropa vieja, chili con carne and black beans, as well as dessert variations like honey butter and cinnamon sugar. The fun starts at 9 PM, nothing on the menu will be more than $10, and everything is pay as you go (215-238-0379).

Read This

Today, St. Germain; Tomorrow, Ginger Liqueur
Over at the Washington Post, booze expert Jason Wilson takes a look at the fickle and unpredictable market for liqueurs. Five years ago, who could have predicted the elderflower liquid would become a standard drink ingredient? What’s the next hot liquor to hit the market, and which one will bomb? Click over to get your spirits in good order.

How Much Caffeine Before I End Up in the E.R.?
In other drink news, a government agency recently issued a report calling energy drinks like Red Bull and 5-Hour Energy "a continuing public health concern." But do these products really have anything that dangerous? The Atlantic health editor James Hamblin takes a look at what’s in these bottles, and compares the amounts of caffeine in them to what we normally consume in coffee, with plenty of charts and graphs. There’s no firm conclusion here, but plenty to think about.


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