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Eat This, Do This, Read This: Philly Weekend Planner, January 4-6

Finally, a weekend without a holiday! Though party season is over, weekends continue all year long, so take advantage of folks getting back in the regular swing of things with a couple of choice bites, a class that combines art and sake and an outdoor wine bar. While you’re chillaxing, read about Philly’s greatest publican and find out why you crave greasy snacks when you’re hungover (if for some reason, that ever happens to you).

Eat This

Ceviche at Cafe Chismosa
Last spring, chef-owner Jugo Stevcic opened this Latin-inspired cafe and restaurant in the former Almanac Market on the corner of Fourth and Poplar, and has been steadily refining his menu. His ceviche combines the freshest fish he can find (we had Atlantic flounder) with colorful peppers, oranges, avocado and green onions, all swimming in a bright citrus marinade. Each bite has sweet, salty, spicy and a bit of crunch, with just the faintest hint of the ocean. With a swirl of Stevcic’s housemade chipotle sauce, this appetizer is a welcome escape from the winter chill ($12; 267-273-1448).

Dad’s Sandwich at American Sardine Bar
Chef Scott Schroeder considers himself a sandwich artist, but not the kind that turns his nose up at others’ work. Second in a series of guest sandwiches featured on the Point Breeze bar’s menu is the Dad’s Sandwich. Created by Daily News columnist Drew Lazor, this munchies cure contains turkey, pork roll, cheddar, fresh jalapeƱo, cheddar, dijonnaise and BBQ potato chips, all between two butter-grilled slices of Texas toast. It will be available through the end of January to satisfy your late night cravings ($10; 215-334-2337).

Do This

Sake and the Collection at The Barnes Foundation
If you’re going to learn about art, might as well do it with a drink in hand. Join Barnes art instructor John Gatti for a tasting tour through a variety of sake types while being introduced to different paintings in the collection that complement the different flavors and scents in the Japanese spirits. Tickets for the 7:30-8:30 PM Friday evening session are available online here ($40; 215-278-7200).

Snow Bar at Chaddsford Winery
Though it’s not slated to snow this weekend, frigid temps could make being outside unpleasant - unless you have a fire pit and mulled wine to keep you happy. From 1-6 PM every Saturday and Sunday through March, the Chadds Ford vineyard will set up heated tents on its rolling estate, offering wines by the glass and in cocktails to guests seated by the double outdoor hearths. Get fresh air and fresh vino, all at the same time (610-388-6221).

Read This

Fergie Carey Would Like to Make a Wee Toast
In Philadelphia Magazine, Jason Fagone profiles Fergus Carey, the publican responsible for Monk’s Cafe, The Belgian Cafe, Grace Tavern and Fergie’s Pub. Beloved by just about everyone who has met him, the native Irishman is a true Philadelphia character, and just reading about his history and interactions will make you feel good. And perhaps crave a beer.

Why Do We Crave Greasy Food When We’re Hung Over?
It’s not great news, but it’s worth a read. Popular Science chats with a few scientists about why we want to eat that Dad’s Sandwich late at night (or the next morning, preferably half-eaten and left out on the counter). One theory postulates a certain chemical in the brain released by alcohol and fatty foods makes you crave alcohol and fatty foods, which makes you drink alcohol and eat fatty foods, which... you get the picture. The combo sure does hit the spot, either way.


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