1/16/2013 01:54:00 PM

Dunkin' Donuts Expanding to SoCal

Image via Flickr/Matt G. 2007
Long a staple of the Midwest and Northeast, Southern California will get its first taste of Dunkin' Donuts in the years to come, the company announced today (after a reneged expansion attempt in the '90s). The chain is looking to expand to Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, San Bernadino, Ventura and Orange Counties and has put a call out to franchisees. The outposts will not actually open until 2015. Dunkin' CEO Nigel Travis said in a statement: “Expansion to the West Coast has always been part of our growth plans, and we’ve always said that we will enter California when the timing is right and when the infrastructure is in place to help our franchisees be successful. We believe we have reached that point today.” [via Consumerist]


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