1/30/2013 11:33:00 AM

Don King on Why Josie Should Be Voted Back on Top Chef Seattle

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Well here's one you never saw coming: legendary boxing promoter Don King has come out in support of Top Chef Seattle's Josie Smith-Malave, launching a mini-campaign to vote her back on the show, composing a song in her honor and defending the awesomeness of her fried chicken. If you're been following along this season, you will have noticed Josie was booted last week for an over-spiced version of the deep-fried bird. Here's what King said of the recently eliminated toque in an interview:

I think she should win Top Chef. I think she should have the opportunity to win Top Chef. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. That's what Dr. Martin Luther King said. She was kicked unjustly off the show, so let us rectify that, not by pointing fingers and blame and accusing this one and that one, but by going to the Twitter and sending out the tweets, and going to the text and sending out the texts. You know, let's see chef Josie. That's all we want, all the viewers everywhere to cast the vote, cast that franchisement, let us have the enjoyment of chef Josie and her Gospel Bird, her fried chicken, her cooking.

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  1. Don King needs to just STFU. he has no idea what her cooking was like, and is obviously just looking for camera time. What's next? Jesse Jackson or that moron, Al Sharpton, weighing in on this "injustice"? Give me a break. Give us ALL a break.

  2. He does realize that Top Chef is filmed and not live right? How can they just "bring her back" even if they wanted to bring back such a lazy and terrible chef?