1/25/2013 05:31:00 PM

Dinner Plans: Chef’s Table at Fork, Four Chefs at Rittenhouse Tavern

Pasta by Eli Kulp at Fork
As you settle in for a snowy weekend, satisfy your craving for a great meal by securing reservations at one of two killer dinners coming up. At Fork, Eli Kulp is planning a reprise of his “seeds and grains” chef’s table event. Who knew the healthy title would receive such a great response? Those who took a look at the eight-course menu, which includes grilled rice cakes with chicken “schmaltz,” spicy tripe with hominy, whole duck with bitter greens and other intriguing pairings. The repast is set for Wednesday, January 30 at 8 PM, and seats at the communal table are $75 per person (215-625-9425).

On Monday, February 4, another second in a series will take place, as Rittenhouse Tavern’s Nicholas Elmi hosts Chris Kearse (Will), Lee Styer (Fond) and Jon Cichon (Lacroix) for an eight-course collaboration feast. This time around, the menu has us drooling over pumpernickel tortellini with trout caviar, cold-pressed foie gras with pomegranate and a dessert with dark chocolate and praline. Seats to the 6:30 PM event run $100 per person (215-732-2412).

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