1/03/2013 06:54:00 PM

Closing News: Junior's Deli, Fraiche, Red Rock Shutter

We've already had some big openings in 2012, but as the world of restaurants continue to turn, there have been some big closings too. Two huge holes left by Angeli Caffe and Campanile are just the tip of the iceberg.

While some iconic spots like Henry's Tacos continues to fight to stay open after 50 years, others aren't so lucky. The Westwood institution Junior's Deli closed its doors after service on New Year's Eve. According to the website, it is once again due to a leasing issue, but the Saul brothers will try to reopen: "We are currently looking for another location and hope to re-open in the future. We love our customers and staff and thank you all for being there for us." [via CBS]

Fraiche in Santa Monica also called it quits last week. The restaurant opened as Riva on the heels of the success of its sibling Fraiche in Culver City. When the original opened in 2007 with chef Jason Travi at the helm, it won many accolades and got high marks in the Zagat Survey. The second location was meant to be similar but different, with Travi working a wood-burning oven for pizzas and other Italian-focused dishes. But he left, management changed, andit became a second Fraiche seemed to be on life support for the last year or so. Some say that space on Wilshire Boulevard is cursed. We say the right combination of chef, owner and management haven't found it yet. [via Eater]

Anyone in their 20s surely found themselves at Red Rock on the Sunset Strip at one time or another. It's always basically a frat party any night of the week, a place where people go to drink too much and eat bad fried food. Or maybe just do more shots. Well, you party guys and gals have to find a new cheap boozy spot on the Strip - Red Rock closed on December 23. [via Facebook/Eater]

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  1. Junior's Deli at Westwood & Pico was more convenient than great. Now, they're toast. HEY, LANGER'S.....are you listening? You probably own the entire city block surrounding 7th & Alvarado and don't have to pay rent or even open at night or on Sundays. However, with nearby Jerry's (yuck!), Fromin's, Izzy's, Lable's Table and Factor's to choose from, you would literally eat the competition for lunch! I could go for a nice hot "hand-carved" pastrami, on a "double-baked" rye right about now. Some of us have been patiently waiting for your Westside arrival since the begining of time.

    Now is your chance LANGER'S...GO FOR IT!!!!