1/21/2013 10:09:00 AM

Chili Cook-Off Benefits Slagel Farm's "Chicken Freedom Project"

A happy chicken at Slagel Family Farm
What’s for breakfast? Likely something involving the kitchen staple, the egg. But where do those eggs come from? The living conditions of chickens are notoriously brutal. A recently closed commercial facility in central Illinois housed chickens six-high and 12-deep in cages. The chickens were unable to move and saw little natural life in their tiny confines. Slagel Family Farm, which provides meat to many local restaurants, intends to buy the nearby facility, destroy the coops, and transform them into an open-cage system already used at their farm.

However, they need some help to raise money to purchase the facility as well as prevent any other owner from acquiring the facility and using the cruel cages. On January 28, eat chili to free the chickens. The chili cook-off at Red Door features chef Troy Graves along with Mark Steuer (Carriage House),
 Matt Troost (Three Aces),
 John Manion (La Sirena Clandestina),
Enoch Simpson (Endgrain),
Eric Mansavage (Farmhouse), 
Rob and Allie Levitt (The Butcher & Larder), and
 Art and Chelsea Jackson (Pleasant House Bakery).

Tickets for the cook-off cost $25 and include one cocktail. All proceeds go to the “Chicken Freedom Project.” Donations are also accepted on Slagel’s website.


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