1/16/2013 02:02:00 PM

Chef Matt Levin Leaves Square Peg to Join Brûlée Catering

Matt Levin is going back to his roots - except in this case that means moving up to fine and fancy, as opposed to going back to basics. The chef announced today he has stepped away from the diner-esque Square Peg, noting on Twitter, “It wasn’t fun cooking the same food anymore.”

We know the parting was amicable, however, because he’ll move to another organization run by the same management group. At Brûlée Catering, he’ll reunite with mentor chef Jean Marie Lacroix, who years ago installed Levin as his first successor at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse Hotel. In contrast to Levin's cooking at Square Peg, critics loved his haute cuisine there, so the return should be a win for everyone.


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