1/25/2013 05:00:00 PM

Cheech + John (Sedlar) Cook at Playa

Cheech + John
Remember Starry Kitchen's weed dinner? Well, you won't find actual weed in next Tuesday's (Jan. 29) Mexi-China dinner at Playa, but you will find comedian Cheech Marin. He and chef John Sedlar, who've been friends for years, created a three-course menu that's more cheeky than Cheech...y, featuring potstickers filled with pulled smoked chipotle pork, spring rolls filled with rooftop greens, nopal cactus and green chile shrimp, and dessert "munchies," or cornmeal chocolate chip cookie sandwiches with candied ginger ice cream (did you get all the subtle pot/weed/rolled references?). It's a bargain for only $35 a pop. We don't think Chong will shop up, but if he does? Then like wow, man.

Photo: CauseConnect/Flickr


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