1/18/2013 03:10:00 PM

Bollito Misto Cart Gets Rolling Again at Poggio in Sausalito

Do as the Italian do and keep warm and cozy by enjoying a plate of bollito misto, the traditional winter meal served throughout the cold winter months in Northern Italy. It’s become an annual tradition at Poggio in Sausalito where chef Peter McNee has invested in a new tableside carello or cart (shown above). Offered Monday-Wednesday evenings until the end of March, the restaurant’s "Bollito Misto Festa" allows guests to choose from up to six different kinds of slowly simmered meats such as veal breast, capon, beef brisket, oxtail, tongue and housemade cotechino sausage. The meat offerings are rolled out to the table, sliced tableside and served with a choice of condimenti including housemade bagnetto verde, mostarda de cremona and horseradish crema to compliment the meats. ($19 per person, note: the regular à la carte menu will also be available; 415-332-7771; reserve online).


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