1/24/2013 03:19:00 PM

Bloomberg's Soda Ban Heads to Court

The fight against the NYC soda ban isn't over. Yesterday, lawyers from both sides took to State Supreme Court to argue the law, which took jumbo fountain sodas off the shelves. From the NY Times: "At the hearing on Wednesday in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, lawyers for the beverage industry argued that the Board of Health had overreached its authority by unilaterally ratifying the new rules. The city rejected that argument, saying the restrictions were well within the board’s purview to regulate public health matters."

There hasn't been a ruling in the case yet, but the article notes that one group is standing with the soda companies in this battle. According to the NY Times, the NAACP filed a brief in court supporting the beverage makers, noting that the ban will hurt minority owned businesses, who can't compete with large chains which aren't affected by the new law. We'll follow the court case, updates to come.

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