1/04/2013 04:07:00 PM

Best Thing We Drank This Week: The Boston Healer at Hop Sing Laundromat

There are many worthy drinks at Chinatown cocktail lounge Hop Sing Laundromat, but this one had us dreaming of it nearly every morning, wishing it was on our desk instead of a plain old cup of coffee. The Boston Healer is made with coffee, so our desired swap wouldn’t have been too out of place - unless you consider bourbon a bit too strong for AM consumption.

It is perfect for evening sipping, however, and along with just-brewed java, the swizzle-style cocktail contains Johnny Drum Private Stock bourbon, Bärenjäger honey liqueur and Licor 43, a floral spirit from Spain. Cream is added as the goods are mixed together and then poured over crushed ice. A huge bouquet of mint is added to the top, so with each sip you get a variety of fresh and strong scents that somehow meld together into a pleasing combination. It’s tough not to finish the whole glass in one or two sips, like a grown-up Slurpee.

Like all the other drinks here - no matter how fancy the ingredients - the Boston Healer goes for $12, which is a modest increase of $2 over the opening drink price. You may have to wait at the gated entrance for a bit before you’re allowed inside (we ducked inside a nearby lobby to get out of the windy chill), but the variety and quality of the tipples make it worthwhile for any serious drinker.


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