1/09/2013 04:26:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Today: Storefront's Sausage-Egg Biscuit

We learned a very valuable lesson a couple weeks ago when stopping by Storefront, the few-months-old Los Feliz deli from the Salt's Cure guys: do not go to a small neighborhood shop the weekend it's sanctioned by Jonathan Gold in the LA Times. Sheesh. The line snaked to the door, the wait was long for a sandwich, and those sandwiches, in that particular moment, didn't deserve super high praise. We'll just say this: the BLT was missing the 'T' (unless it stood for toast), and the sloppy corned beef sandwich, which was a lot of fatty meat and coleslaw, fell apart in our fingers. The bread was amazing, though.

We figured they weren't ready for such an onslaught, but it wasn't enough to keep us away because all we really wanted, but didn't get, was this sausage, egg and cheese biscuit. So we went back. And we are so. glad. we. did. House-made sausage, fried egg, butter-laden biscuit. We weren't hungover this morning, but it would most certainly do the trick. Mental note for later.


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