1/18/2013 03:06:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Today: Bacon Maple Nutella Donuts at Nickel Diner

We know that got your attention. It wasn't actually a maple, bacon and Nutella donut, which we think would make a delicious new flavor for the Nickel Diner, but we did have a taste of both the now classic maple bacon donut at the Historic Core spot, as well as one covered in Nutella and chopped nuts. We haven't been to the Nickel in years, but when you find yourself there, the server will ask right away if you want a donut or pop tart, so just say yes. No matter what you get - the pulled pork hash and tofu scramble were pretty tasty - you'll want at least a bite of one of these. Which is what we did. The rest? We're pretty sure that soft brioche donut will still taste pretty good tomorrow with our Saturday morning coffee (unless someone snatches it from our car first).

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