1/28/2013 03:23:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Farro, Chorizo and Egg at Cortez

For once we hit a restaurant right after Jonathan Gold wrote about it and the place wasn't completely packed. At least brunch at Echo Park's Cortez wasn't, but we're sure the lines at dinner were longer than ever. We checked out this tiny uber-hipster spot a few months ago and enjoyed the seasonal fare and small plates, and brunch was no different. A bowl of farro and green lentils topped with juicy, spicy house-made chorizo patty, a lovely farm-fresh egg and a pile of fried shallots was light yet filling and delicious, just what we needed to get our Saturday going.

But Gold isn't wrong about portions vs. the higher price tag - we dropped about $60 on two plates, a side of bread, coffee, tax and tip. Not quite the budget-conscious brunch the neighborhood is used to, but those who feel they belong there don't seem to mind.


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