Best Thing We Ate This Weekend: Bar Ama's Lengua Frito Pie

Messy and delicious
We already think Bar Ama's queso should be illegal - we're completely addicted - but chef Josef Centeno's lengua chili con carne Frito pie should be under lock and key alongside it. Because if we're anywhere near the new Downtown LA restaurant, we'll be drawn to both, and no one should live on queso or Fritos alone. This weekend, on a fun self-curated walking/drinking/eating tour along Spring and Main streets, we stopped in for a late-night bite, which is exactly the time you want layers of Frito chips, wonderfully soulful lengua chili, cheese and sour cream. It comes to the table almost overflowing in a cast-iron pan, and it's only until you break into the melty cheesy top do you know what lies beneath - lots and lots of Fritos and chili.

Having only stopped in for a few bites here and there (we agree with Jonathan Gold that the puffy tacos are worth it), we're yet to make our way through the rest of that menu, but it will be difficult to not get this again and again.

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