1/17/2013 12:39:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate This Week: Foie Gras Prunes at Meritage

Unlike unlucky LA or San Francisco, Philly offers plenty of ways to indulge in foie gras, but we may have just discovered the city’s finest. At Meritage in Rittenhouse, chef Anne Coll whips the delicacy into a super-airy mousse, then pipes it inside soft prunes. The resulting morsel pops when you bite down, exploding flavor like a grand version of caviar.

The combo really is that good - the fruit is just chewy enough to keep the foie from sliding past too quickly, and its sweetness is perfectly offset by the salty, umami offal. Now for the bad news: the dish is part of a new menu that will be introduced after Restaurant Week, so you can’t order it yet. Instead, go for the fried oysters, huge fritters with tons of briny flavor, served with a chili remoulade ($6; 215-985-1922).


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