1/09/2013 10:11:00 AM

Best Thing We Ate This Week: Chipotle Black Bean Burger at Veggie Galaxy

Chipotle black bean burger at Veggie Galaxy
Okay, so it’s not the sexiest pic (and we could have done a better job dressing it up), but just as it is this chipotle black bean burger from Veggie Galaxy, a vegetarian and vegan diner and bakery in Cambridge's Central Square, is a winner - yes, even with us diehard carnivores. The patty is chockfull of flavor, mildly spicy and it’s moist (a word we’re loathe, but it really befits the texture, since many veggie burgers can be dry, dry dry). Order the Central Square, pictured here, and the balsamic roasted tomatoes, roasted garlic mayo and pickled red onion take it to town; the small side of arugula polishes off the kick ($8.95; 617-497-1513). For the record, it’s on our 10 Hottest Burgers list.


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