1/23/2013 02:45:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Littlefork's Lobster Roll

There are a few things we will never tire of: cupcakes (sorry, it's true), good coffee and beer (the more local roasters and brewers to open the better), and East Coast-inspired seafood brought west. So it's no surprise that a really good lobster roll will get our attention, and the one at Littlefork, the new Jason Travi and David Reiss joint in Hollywood, most certainly did.

You can find lobster rolls around LA, but this one rises to the top for a few reasons. One, for the chunks of claw and tail meat, and lots of it, with just enough mayo. The creamy mayo lobster rolls are more Cape Cod- or Maine-style; simply with butter, and maybe served a little warm, is more Connecticut-style. You can't argue with either, really, but lobster rolls with mayo are the ones we know best. And then the bun, in this case a Rockenwagner split-top parker roll, perfectly toasted on both sides, soft and slightly sweet. The sandwich, which is a traditional size, comes with some dynamite house-made salt-and-vinegar potato chips that give any bagged chip a run for its money, and a small pile of pickled cucumber salad on the side. The only problem with any of it? It disappeared much too quickly.


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