1/25/2013 01:45:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Sweet Potato Flan at Old San Juan

We were pretty excited to hear about Old San Juan, a new Puerto Rican restaurant that just opened last week in Atwater Village. If only because as culturally diverse as Los Angeles is, there is an unusual dearth of spots offering dishes like mofongo, tostones and bacalaitos. The place is cheery with a super friendly staff who couldn't be more excited to bring this food to the culinary landscape, making it an overall nice little neighborhood cafe.

The menu is quite large and varied, and the few things we tasted - a tasting platter of appetizers, the plantain-wrapped mahi mahi - was pretty good, but we're really glad we ordered dessert. There are several flans made in-house, and the sweet potato one stuck out to us. It's denser than most (one staffer also raved about the cheese flan for the same reason) but still creamy, sitting in a pool of requisite sweet caramel sauce. The fresh berries were a nice touch. It's just the sweet note we were after.


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