1/25/2013 01:44:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Roasted Lobster at Battersby

Dinner at Battersby requires patience given its no-reservations policy, but based on the amount of return visitors, it seems that many have decided it's worth the wait. In addition to the kale salad, last night we found another dish we loved - a roasted lobster entree with potato, pearl onion and coral sauce. A healthy portion of lobster is attractively presented in easy to consume pieces, while pearl onions and roasted potatoes are scattered throughout the plate. The sauce is buttery and rich, but not overwhelming, and its slight saltiness helps meld together the sweetness from the onions and earthiness of the potatoes. While before ordering a dining companion noted that its rare for a lobster dish to stand out, we all agreed that this one did ($35; 718-852-8321).


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