1/11/2013 03:11:00 PM

Best Thing We Ate Last Night: Breakfast Pancake at Chez Sardine

When you think Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki may immediately come to mind, but at recent West Village arrival Chez Sardine, you'll find something a tad different (though just as delicious). It may not be traditional, but given that we grew up in a hapa household with this sort of food, it suits us just fine. One of our favorite dishes at this inauthentic izakaya was the breakfast pancake - think silver-dollar sized flapjacks served with assorted fish tartare, salmon roe and yogurt. The roe gives a nice hint of salt, which works well with the slightly sweet pancakes and creamy yogurt, while the tartare adds a pleasant texture and bite to the dish. Initially you may suspect the ingredients won't meld together, but given that caviar has been long served with bellini pancakes, it's no surprise that indeed, it's a success  ($15; 646-360-3705).


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